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The fight against discrimination within organizations

Whenever a person is evaluated according to pre-established concepts or beliefs even before an experience of coexistence, he suffers prejudice. This type of situation has been increasingly worked and avoided within corporate environments. Role of the Leader As more experienced and mature people within the company, managers and supervisors play a key role in helping to deal with this type of behavior. The first step is to identify where and how the situations are initiated and to guide their employees to adopt [...]

The Future Leader

The social changes that have occurred in the business and also family context in recent times have led to a different behavior in the way of leadership. The rigid leadership model that was once applied no longer works, which demands of the leader of the future a daily exercise of skills work and also of personal knowledge. But what must he do to be a leader of the future?   Mission and Vision A survey conducted on the relationship between behavior and success [...]

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