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The fight against discrimination within organizations


Whenever a person is evaluated according to pre-established concepts or beliefs even before an experience of coexistence, he suffers prejudice.

This type of situation has been increasingly worked and avoided within corporate environments.

Role of the Leader

As more experienced and mature people within the company, managers and supervisors play a key role in helping to deal with this type of behavior. The first step is to identify where and how the situations are initiated and to guide their employees to adopt a more conscious and respectful conduct with other employees. The leader can also organize exercises where employees are placed in the role of the person who is prejudiced, thus helping them to create a review of concepts and further improve the organizational climate.

Role of the Organization

Companies, for their part, can and should use a number of methods to help with this awareness. Lectures promoting the subject are an efficient way to address the subject and internal communication can also be used to disseminate topics such as diversity and respect in the workplace. In the processes of integration it must always be mentioned that the prejudice goes against the values of the organization and, if possible, the issue should also be clarified as a negative and prohibited position within the Code of Conduct and Ethics of the company.

Update concepts

Whenever the issue of prejudice is addressed, both directors, leaders and employees must think about the consequences of this action, because in many cases discrimination can generate discomfort and even a disconnection in the company. What is important is always to keep a behavior of respect for others and, especially, to review their concepts. We are constantly evolving and we are developing new methods every day to deal with old situations.


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