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The Future Leader

The social changes that have occurred in the business and also family context in recent times have led to a different behavior in the way of leadership.

The rigid leadership model that was once applied no longer works, which demands of the leader of the future a daily exercise of skills work and also of personal knowledge. But what must he do to be a leader of the future?


Mission and Vision

A survey conducted on the relationship between behavior and success of a manager pointed out that 100% of the great leaders had one characteristic in common: vision and ambition. According to Crescimentum’s training and development consultant, Renato Curi, being aware of your mission (purpose of life) and vision (what you want for the future) is the first step to self-motivate and be able to lead and be a good Influence for its people. “If today in your life you are not an example of enthusiasm, how will you ask for this from your team? Therefore, the leader of the future must work guided by his mission and vision, in this way, he will be ready to manage and develop skills in his employees, “explains the expert.

Give and receive feedback

Another feature of the leader of the future is knowing how to give and receive feedback. “What we perceive in companies’ day-to-day lives is a great difficulty in generating feedback, this is because we learned from our parents that when we do not have something good to say, it’s better to be quiet and that’s wrong,” says Curi. For the expert, this is an important tool that must be used by the leader to identify mistakes, improve performance and develop learning and growth of a professional.

Respect for diversity

The leader of the future must understand that to develop a team it is important to know how to work with different profiles of professionals that are completed within a team. Therefore, it is fundamental that he knows how to handle and respect the differences of each one of his collaborators. “There are professionals with opposite characteristics and who have more difficulty to relate, it is up to the leader to know how to treat each one in the most appropriate way, according to his profile and respecting his individualities, after all a complete team encompasses all types of professionals “Says Curi.


Finally, the specialist highlights the most important feature of the leader of the future: integrity. For him, the manager who acts on the basis of his values in a coherent way is able to be an example for his people. “The leader who is integral is an example of what he believes. It does what I say, but not what I do does not work. He must act on what is most important to him, so he will positively influence his team. “So if you are not an example in the core values of your life, it is time to stop and reflect, for only then will you Become fit to be a leader of the future.

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